Use these free resources to transform your life. Yes, right now.

Now that so much in our world and lives is different it seems a perfect moment to reflect and decide what bits of the world before the crisis were good and should be kept, and what bits weren’t and should be discarded.

It has become more and more clear to many more people that the world is not what they thought it to be, and the puppet masters are the ones to blame for the state our world is in. No, ladies and gentlemen, this is not a coincidence. Things never happen without a reason. If you think they do, it is about time to wake up.

It’s about time to change the way we think, my friends, and the best way to do that is to free ourselves of what we have always believed as it was taught to us from an early age. The world isn’t as we thought it was. But, there is a very beautiful, positive side to all of this, because as we start awakening, our eyes will open to things we never even thought were possible, we will see utter beauty, and we will recognize the path to paradise on earth, a man made world where we can live in peace and experience life as it should be by removing the burden of fear from our shoulders.

You must be so tired of carrying all that burden. Allow me to take you on a trip. Let’s start now. Here are some resources for you to consider.

Start doing breathing exercises. They’re easy, anyone can do them and you can find all you need on the internet for free. I recommend Wim Hof. He showed his basic breathing technique in an interview on London Real a few days ago. You may have an opinion on this man, but his breathing technique is pretty easy to do, and will definitely benefit you and causes no harm. It consists of thirty deep breaths in a row, where you breathe in super deeply, and let the air flow out gently. Thirty times. After that, not only will you feel great and will you have exercised a lot of muscles in your body, especially your chest, neck and shoulders, you should be able to hold in your breath for a full minute at that point.

Go check out the incredibly inspirational Sadhguru. This man is so wise, knows so much, and shares it freely with the whole world, it is life changing. He showed a yogic process to enhance lung capacity, maybe there is a connection between a certain virus and lung function! (Spoiler: there is and you can do all of these exercises to help your body fight off similar viruses). Besides that, he does a daily video in these challenging times. I can highly recommend it.

Now you already have two very powerful resources you can use to improve your life! Totally free, too. I’ll be back soon for more resources and guidance.

Stay safe,


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