Fired GitHub employee reaches ‘amicable resolution’ with company

GitHub has reached an “amicable resolution” with the person the company fired in the aftermath of the attack on the U.S. Capitol in January, the former employee told TechCrunch.

On the day a violent mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol, a worried GitHub employee warned his co-workers in the D.C. area to be safe. After making a comment in Slack saying, “stay safe homies, Nazis are about,” a fellow employee took offense, saying that type of rhetoric wasn’t good for work, the former employee previously told me. Two days later, he was fired, with a human relations representative citing a “pattern of behavior that is not conducive to company policy” as the rationale for his termination, he previously told me.

Later that month, GitHub COO Erica Brescia said the company’s head of HR took full responsibility for what happened and resigned from the company. GitHub did not disclose the name of the person who resigned, but it’s widely known that Carrie Olesen was the chief human resources officer at GitHub. At that time, GitHub said it also “reversed the decision to separate with the employee” and was talking to his representative.

The fired employee, however, did not take his job back.

“We offered the employee his job back immediately after reviewing the investigation findings, and he declined,” a GitHub spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Instead, he told me, “Me and the company reached an amicable resolution. I appreciate that they have denounced white supremacy and the dangers it poses to everybody.”

He did not specify the terms of the resolution, but he previously told me he was seeking damages or some other form of reconciliation.

Below is his full statement, which he requested we publish in full:

Me and the company reached an amicable resolution. I appreciate that they have denounced white supremacy and the dangers it poses to everybody.

We all saw on January 6 that the greatest threat to the USA is not Islam, Black Lives, or defunding police.

White supremacy has us all held hostage using feigned civility, bad-faith arguments/negotiations, and amtssprache*, and it does not stop until we are all dead or subjugated. I am glad that the nazi coup was a failure, and we avoided a successful Reichstag fire. That said, nazis do not give up easily.

Keep your families and communities safe. Connect with your neighbors and local stores. Fascism and nazism succeed when we are divided. They demand that you abandon reason, that you acquiesce to power and hierarchy, and that you shun altruism. Love yourself. Support, join or create local unions. Build community. Don’t entertain nazis.

I appreciate those who have supported me and my family. I wish you safety and wellness.

Black Lives Matter & Black Power ✊


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