Announcing the TC Early Stage Pitch-Off startups

Next week, TechCrunch is hosting Early Stage – a virtual bootcamp for founders to gain the critical insight needed to launch and scale their companies. Day 1 is all about how-to’s. What about day two? April 2nd is the inaugural TC Early Stage Pitch-Off featuring ten exceptional early stage startups.

The Pitch-Off is split into two segments. For the semi-finals, each company will pitch for 5 minutes followed by a Q&A with our expert panel of judges. Check them out here, you might see some names you recognize. Three startups will make it into the final round – same pitch but a new batch of judges with a deeper Q&A.

We know you are excited to see who has made it. Tune in on April 2nd to watch TC’s first Early Stage Pitch-Off event. Without further ado:

Session 1: 9:00AM – 9:50AM PT

Clocr (Austin, Texas) – Clocr provides an all-in-one digital legacy planning and disbursement platform backed by patent-pending security.”

Crispify (Tel Aviv, Israel) – Crispify provides air-quality monitoring and management solutions for Mobility-as-a-Service fleets like Uber, Avis and Zipcar.

Fitted (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) – Fitted is the ultimate closet management service. [Fitted] combines a subscription laundry service with integrated technology that assists urban dwellers discover, clean, and donate their clothes. (Vienna, Austria) – provides zero friction financing for out-of-pocket health expenses, currently in Germany. The offering enables direct reimbursement solutions for pharmacies, medical product and service providers – where previously the insured person had to spend their own money, and then file for reimbursement.

Pivot Market (Miami, Florida) – Pivot Market is a B2B marketplace where consumer brands gain immediate distribution in physical stores. Brand rent spaces inside B&M stores and stores earn money by managing those spaces on behalf of the brands.

Session 2: 10:00AM – 10:45AM PT

Soon (Salt Lake City, Utah) – Soon’s patent-pending cash flow algorithm automates investing from start to finish, with the best combination of simplicity and wealth generation in a personal finance solution. Soon functions across all assets from your checking account to your savings and more.

Nalagenetics (Singapore City, Singapore) – Nalagenetics designs and develops pre-emptive genetic tests for developing markets. By combining genetic, clinical, and behavioral data from patients, Nalagenetics builds localized risk prediction models for minorities, starting with Asian populations

The Last Gameboard (Boulder, Colorado) – Gameboard, is a gaming device and platform that unleashes the power of digital media with tactile movements of physical game pieces, creating a new genre of Phygital gaming for tabletop fans.

Attention Quotient  by Mindwell Labs (New York, New York) – Mindwell Labs is a precision healthcare technology startup. Its first consumer product is AQ™ – the first personalized mental fitness tracking and training app that uses our unique biomarkers to measure and improve attention.

FLX Solutions (Bethlehem, Pennsylvania) – FLX Solutions is pioneering functional applications for robotics with highly intelligent robots that are miniaturized to operate in spaces that humans and traditional robots cannot easily access. Our first product, The FLX BOT, is a patented 1” diameter snake-like robot that is able to fit into these spaces to inspect, map, and then autonomously perform any required maintenance.”

Finals11:00AM – 11:30AM PT


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