Russia opens up blockchain database with launch of English language version

The Department of Information Technologies of Moscow has made an English language version of Russia’s blockchain knowledge base available on the ICT.Moscow portal.

Aimed at analysts, smart city experts, and developers of blockchain projects, the database currently presents 52 use cases of blockchain in various industries with the fintech and public sector categories featuring the largest number of applications – 16 and 13 respectively.

New use cases will be added over time, with a section dedicated to Moscow smart city projects expected soon.

Speaking on the project, Eduard Lysenko, minister of the Moscow Government and head of its IT department, said “the knowledge base will provide opportunities for the world community to study the Russian experience of using blockchain in both the state and private sector, whilst finding new partners among Moscow developers.”

One use case involves the tracking of metal pipes from a steel works to a railway company. Using the SAP Leonardo blockchain, the auditing journal includes information about the shipment of pipes from the plant, transportation, receipt of goods, and information on whether the product contains defects or not. If a defect is found, the goods are sent back. The implemented blockchain solution was the most profitable of all solutions considered by the railway company.

Another use case that benefitted the public sector was the implementation of an E-voting system based on the Ethereum blockchain. Troitsk residents in Moscow were able to vote on the location of a new metro station, with voting being held for two days uninterrupted. E-voting was the only way for residents to choose the location for the future metro station and the voting turnout was estimated at 96.3%.

Further examples of use cases include automating bank payments and the sale of plane tickets, optimising agricultural production chains, and carrying out mutual settlements between energy market participants.

Photo by Sam Oxyak on Unsplash

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