MorganFranklin announces partnership with blockchain cybersecurity firm 1Kosmos

Global financial advisory firm MorganFranklin is looking to expand its cybersecurity services through an alliance with 1Kosmos a provider of security technology which leverages blockchain and biometrics authentication.

1Kosmos’ BlockID platform provides digital identity proofing with advanced biometrics and passwordless authentication through a secured private blockchain. The authentication process involves a liveness test and the use of verifiable credentials in digital format. With BlockID, clients of MorganFranklin will be able to reach the highest level of identity and authentication insurance per the NIST 800-63-3 guidelines.

MorganFranklin will use the service to support its customers with a solution that mitigates the risks of identity compromises by eliminating the use of passwords for authentication and by proof-checking the user’s identity indisputably, thus eliminating impersonation.

In a recent press statement, MorganFranklin said that ‘identity and access management (IAM) has been playing an increasing role in its global consultancy strategy.’

Jason Berland, MorganFranklin’s managing director of IAM added, “1Kosmos’ solutions in identity authentication offer a unique and progressive approach to true digital access management – the IAM demand of the future. We are looking forward to delivering this layer of protection to further enhance an organization’s digital transformation.”

“We are very excited to be working with MorganFranklin to help the workforce and consumers move away from user-names and passwords and all of the inherent risk and cost they create,” concluded Steven Schoenhaus, director of channel development for 1Kosmos.

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