Someone minted an NFT of the low-key photoshop we made to try to get people to vote for Equity in the Webbys

Our venture capital-focused podcast Equity made it to the finals of its category in the Webbys, a digital awards show for digital things. We were pretty stoked about it.

Natasha, in fact, was both excited and ready to go to battle with editing tools so that we could share an image of sorts in an attempt to garner more votes. We’d like to win, frankly.

Then Patrick Sutton who works at Avalanche, a finance-focused blockchain, minted an NFT of Natasha’s work, which she described as “too ugly to share.” 2021 is full of all sorts of surprises, it appears. So now, you can vote for Equity — please do, we will love you for eternity — or you can buy an NFT of our excellent photoshop work.

How it started:

How it’s going:


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