The rise of the next Coinbase, thanks to Coinbase

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For this week’s deep dive Natasha and Alex and Danny wanted to chat crypto. No, not cryptography, but cryptocurrency. The topic has been hot in recent months thanks to Coinbase, recent weeks thanks to the rapid price appreciation in the value of many coins, and in recent days because dogecoin went crazy.

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So with our minds tuned to the future of money, and commerce, and content, here’s the show’s rundown:

Recent crypto news has been more than busy, with Venmo adding crypto support, Brian Brooks joining Binance, and the Coinbase direct listing.
But that’s not all, there have been a host of NFT marketplaces that have raised millions in the past week. We talk about Rarible, SuperRare, OpenSea, and Dapper Labs. We talk about differentiation, UX, and if more than one marketplace can win.
Dogecoin’s to the moon moment had reached a new price high and come down some before our show recorded, but the cryptocurrency’s joke apparently is still funny after all these years. Here’s a tweet and an article about it.
And the idea that Coinbase’s successful direct listing will matter for investors betting on crypto-focused startups is true, at least according to investors. More on that here, and hit us up if you want a sweet discount code to get past that paywall.

Equity is back on Friday with our weekly news roundup. It’s going to be a treat. Chat soon!

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